Why I do what I do

When I began my financial services career as an advisor more than 25 years ago, I saw almost immediately how people can become overwhelmed when it comes to saving, investing, and planning for retirement. Most people never learned about finance at home, nor did they learn it in school. Because of this, I made it my mission to not only advise them on their finances, but to also help them obtain the knowledge they need and steps they should take to reach their financial goals. Women can be especially vulnerable to financial bumps and potholes in the road, which is why I help them focus on the “3 D’s”: Death, Divorce, and Disability.

It’s important to me that every single client I serve is not only given prudent, sound advice, but also understands why I am making these recommendations for them. 

The Team Approach

In the world of finance, it’s important to recognize the value of teamwork. No single person can be an expert in everything. But when you combine the expertise of different individuals who each specialize in their chosen field(s), results are often far better than simply going at it alone. My field, my world, is financial planning, but I am just one of the team members: I also work with CPAs who handle accounting and tax returns, and with estate planning attorneys, experienced law professionals who have a thorough understanding of the state and federal estate laws. This team approach gives you specific advice and guidance from people who are experts in their individual fields — specialists who far better understand the intricacies of their own profession than would one single person who is trying to do it all by themselves.

Specific, Independent Advice

After 25 years in the industry, I can attest to the fact that generic advice just doesn’t cut it. It’s important to recognize that everyone’s financial situation is different, and thus requires specifically tailored advice and strategies targeted to that person’s goals and risk tolerances. Smart financial planning requires someone who understands your specific circumstances, identifies and selects your unique goals, develops and implements a plan, and provides ongoing review of that plan to make any needed changes.  These qualities are crucial; you should never settle for anything less than that.

Our Team

Tina Wells Lee, CFP®

Certified Financial Planner™ Professional

Faresha Ali

Administrative Assistant

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